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By Fabian Tan

If you are a regular internet user, you would by now have heard of Google AdSense. Website owners on the other hand, would at some point of time or the other, have even tasted Google AdSense profits. AdSense is a very comfortable tool from Google which works in tandem with Google AdWords to place relevant ads on your web pages.

Google AdSense profit generation explained

Google AdSense profits works on a very simple principle. Business needs advertisement and if your business is web based, your advertisements must appear on Google. Therefore, business creates advertisements and pay Google to place them alongside the search results as also websites having a partnership with Google on AdSense. Most of the advertisements adopt the pay-per-click format. Each time a visitor clicks the advertisement, Google gets paid. This revenue is shared by Google with you.

How to generate Google AdSense profits

Opening an AdSense account is your first step towards profit. Once your account is activated, you can follow the links provided by Google to complete the procedure. There are a few questions to be answered and you will need to tell Google how the ads are to be positioned on your page. When you complete the formalities, Google will provide you an HTML code to be pasted on your web site. You now start getting the advertisements and whenever someone clicks on the ads, you get your share of the booty. So simple. Get going and make the best out of Google AdSense profits – your profits.

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