Did You Know the NFL Has Double Standards? Richard Sherman Does

By Charlie DeWitts

This is pretty interesting. Richard Sherman apparently had some choice words to say to the NFL not too long ago. Things like double standards and hypocrisy seemed to be his major focus. I think what Richard is demanding is what a lot of people are starting to demand out of the NFL. Their treatment of players has no rhyme or reason, as they ban people for smoking weed yet sometimes don’t mind when one beats some near death. Let alone the NFL’s complete ignorance to the very serious case of brain damage. What do you think? Is it time for a change?



  1. TimJF09 says:

    I find the endless meddling of the NFL front office to be frustrating. Leave the game alone and stop playing cop and stop changing the rules.

  2. ToddBT2 says:

    Brain injuries? I am confused why this is a sort of revelation? I know I might sound cold blooded, but this is a very violent sport and if you want to avoid it you have to stop the sport. It is like boxing, people are going to get seriously hurt and it is what it is.

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