Classical Music and Ballet by a Subway?! Way to Class Up NYC!

By Charlie DeWitts

I’ve never seen this done before! Some students of classical music decided to set up a free show for the people who use the subway system of New York City on their daily grind. Of course, just when you think it can get any better, the ballet dancers come out of nowhere! I wonder how the people of NYC felt about this. It must be nice to live in a city where things like this are almost common place. Would you ever do anything like this?


  1. Dermott says:

    This is great!!! I just came back from Amsterdam and they have a setup with a piano in the subway and they just let anyone who wants to, play it! Sometimes, people will sing along! It`s really a great way to get some culture out there!

  2. Foster89 says:

    This is so much fun! I have seen this before since I live in the city. It makes the time pass so much more quickly and it lifts your spirits. I would definitely participate in something like this if I had some special talents.

  3. RudyJoel says:

    I have seen other videos of this around the world. Such a cool idea. Some of the singers who sing with the piano players are really talented. They should make a new reality talent show with these people!

  4. PAPolka says:

    I lived in Canada for a while and I saw stuff like this in Toronto pretty often. I even missed the subway a couple times because I wanted to hear the musicians.

  5. Garrett7160 says:

    This is seriously cool! I haven’ been lucky enough to witness anything like this in person. I think it’ great to bring enjoyment to others. You usually get even more joy doing something like this than watching it.

  6. RainerB says:

    That is pretty cool! I like this idea. I think this is something more bands and musicians should do. The exposure to the public is definitely worth it and you’re indoors, not out in the elements.

  7. Isaiah says:

    Nice story. It’s inspiring when other people use their talents to share with others. These people didn’t have to do any of this, but I am sure that they have lifted more spirits than they will ever know.

  8. JonathanH says:

    I’ve seen some street performers in the subways in New York and in Boston, but I must admit that I’ve never seen such a classy ensemble. I don’t know if I’d participate or not. Since I’m very non-musical, I’ll never get the chance to see.

  9. jacquelinefulton923 says:

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  10. StevenL says:

    That sounds great. I don’t have any talent with instruments and I can’t dance, but I am a decent singer and would definitely join in.

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