A Barber Shows Us How He Became the Heart of His Community

By Jack Day

“If you’re too scared to work, or too nervous to steal, become a barber.” Advice from Leroy, our latest barber whose story has made him somewhat of a legend in his hometown. The locals help fuel this tale thanks to such feelings they have surrounding the issue like a gentleman who remarked, “When you have a community barber shop, that is the heart of the community.” Like any good heart Leroy knows exactly what you need. “You had a bad day? Come in, sit in the chair, get a haircut, you’ll feel better.” I never considered cutting hair to make my living, but lately I am beginning to think that some of the happiest people on Earth are barbers. Maybe I will at least find my own Leroy someday, I hope!

What did you think of the story about the man who holds his town together by doing more than just cutting hair? Do you live in a place where there is someone the whole town knows and will go 100 miles out of their way to do the littlest thing for another person? Are you that person? Tell us your stories and share what you thinks holds together a great community!