Article Marketing Tips – Should You Focus on Content Or Keywords?

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Article Marketing Tips – Should You Focus on Content Or Keywords?

By Fabian Tan

When it comes to article marketing secrets and article promotion in general, most writers are under the impression that their main focus of article writing should be in creating keyword effective articles that will assist in boosting their websites ranking. The majority of copywriters who take advantage of article writing secrets seem to focus solely on keyword writing.

How many times have you come across a short article online and immediately realized that the article contains no actual information but was simply “slapped together” with keywords in order to boost a websites site ranking? Chances are that you have encountered more than your fair share of these types of websites. The problem is that these types of articles are actually very ineffective if you are attempting to gain long-time traffic from repeat customers and website visitors.

One of the most effective articles marketing secrets that you will ever encounter is this: create articles based on content and with a purpose. If you truly want to generate new web traffic while at the same time maintaining the visitors who already frequent your website or blog, then you need to provide your readers with well researched and well written articles.

If visitors to your website have to leave your website to seek out more information on a topic that you are suppose to be an “expert” in, then chances are that they will never return to your website again. This is why you should focus on your website content and information first and foremost. Keywords should be added in as an afterthought.

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