Are You Ready for Real Time Analytics from YouTube? 3 Things You Need to Know Right Now

Image by: Marioanima
By: Ken Lucas

Most of us know of YouTube as a video sharing site that aids in the popularity of reckless idiots who relish the idea of making a fool out of themselves. But not all of us improvise songs while passing bowels, or participate in life threatening ‘fire challenges’ that result in fatal trips to the hospital. Some of us good folks just have the humble intention of promoting our brands to the masses, and thanks to the addition of YouTube’s analytics, your experience in marketing may be that much easier.

Video uploaders used to have to sit and wait, periodically hitting the refresh button to see how many people had really viewed the video. Fortunately, those days are over…with this new, revolutionary update, YouTube is cutting down that time considerably, which means you have more time to focus on the task at hand (i.e. marketing).

#1) Early Stages

It took a while for them to add real-time view reporting, but YouTube has finally got an answer for the recent video analytics challenge from Facebook. While it is still in the early stages, and doesn’t support filtering customization of data, it still has some pretty useful features that can aid you in your video marketing aspirations. So for all you daredevils that have an exclusive interest in displaying the capacity to harm yourself, you may want to read elsewhere. Now, a brief but informative breakdown about some of the perks this new toy has to offer.

#2) How Will this Help

The addition of YouTube analytics is Brand new yet surprisingly unpopular, as barely anyone is talking about it. And since you are one of the lucky few to have stumbled across this brief article, you can use this to your advantage and outshine the competition. While this feature is very similar to the YouTube creator audio phone app, YouTube analytics has a more timely set up— which means you don’t have to wait several days for an update. Real time refreshes every few seconds, while YouTube creator app every few days (If you’re lucky).

Also, you will be able to see the last 5 videos that you uploaded over last 48 hours of how they’re performing and if anybody is watching them at the moment. This is good for anybody who uses social media or anybody doing automation or video marketing, because you can see how well people are responding in real time to something you just updated a minute ago.

This can come in handy when forming a strategy for the actual posting of the videos, as certain times throughout the day amass more traffic than others. For example, if most of your views are at 12 to 1 you can use that info to your advantage and effectively post your videos in the time frame that just happens to be the most lucrative. It would be ideal to post your videos in that particular “hot zone” so to speak, because the more views you get, the bigger the clientele–and therefore, money you make! And at the end of the day, that’s everybody’s goal, I’m assuming.

#3) Real Time Data

You also get hour to hour statistics so you can see within the last 48 hours what the peak watch times are so you can further understand when to promote your item and how to engage your audiences, which will also allow you to make more informed decisions and prompt judgements as what you are doing.

All in all the addition of real time is still new and fresh, and even though it is still relatively unknown and may be overlooked or even pointless to every day Youtubers, those who have their lives (or business) invested will love to play around with this feature.

Are you an avid user of Youtube analytics? Well don’t just sit there, share your story as to how this neat little feature helped your business grow!