After Taking 27 Bullets to His Body This Navy Seal’s Powerful Comeback Story Will Inspire Your Own

By Jack Day

He was shot 27 times and got hit with grenade shrapnel. I just wanted to start with those quick facts before I tell you the whole story about retired Navy Seal Senior Chief Mike Day and his insane gun fight with 4 terrorists.

On the night of April 6, 2007 in Iraq’s Anbar province, Mike and his team were making a late night run to find a high level Al-Quaeda cell. Once thy reached their target Mike led the team into a small room, which would immediately result in gunfire. As the bullets exploded onto Mike’s body armor he describes the unbelievable pain:

“It felt like someone was beating me up with sledgehammers.”

By the time Mike realized what was happening he was in a full on bullet storm. He took round after round all over his body and managed to take out the four high level leaders. The armor that he was wearing, however, was never meant to withstand that much damage. But it did.

“I shouldn’t have survived it…What you’re looking at here is not supposed to have been able to happen.”

Even though Mike was not shot he went to the hospital, were he lost a dramatic 55lbs in 2 weeks and spent the next two years recovering physically. Mentally, however, Mike suffers from PTSD like so many veterans. But he is not going to let himself become a victim. He now dedicates his time and efforts to the Wounded Warriors Project.

“People hear about my story and they can’t believe it. I was there and I can’t believe it. I got shot 27 times. 16 in the body and 11 times in my body armor….kinda speculated the reason I didn’t die is because…you know maybe I wouldn’t have gone to heaven.”

Mike is right. His story is as miraculous as it is unbelievable. And his will to survive serves as a very real look into the “invisible pain” that comes from war. He re-purposed his life and refused to let himself become just another statistic. For that we can all look to his experiences for inspiration of our own when facing life’s never ending battles, no matter what form they come in.

Simply put, war is a brutal thing. And it’s effects come in every form. It’s important to talk about these things and never let the pain become so overwhelming that it destroys you. Please share your thoughts and any experiences.