Art Just Got a Little More Weird, But It Also Got Way More Interesting!

By Richard K. Noots

We recently found an Icelandic artist here at Danjur. Well, we came across her post, and wanted to make sure her fame got spread. Although I could sit here and explain her style, sometimes it’s best to let the artist speak for themselves!

My name is Odee and I’m from the Eastern-fjords of Iceland. I used to hate art. It just seemed so boring, and you always hear about those “artsy” people who like art. I didn’t want to be one of those or be associated with them in any way.

I like drawing, and creating stuff and I’ve always had a strong opinion about how things have to look around me.

One day I was staring at the wall in my living room and thought to myself “Hey! I think I can make some art that I’d actually like, and be proud to hang it on my wall”.

During the process I found a way to use a whole range of skills that I’ve accumulated through my lifetime and express myself visually through art!


Gods and Goddesses almost …
gods and goddesses

Gorgeous ladies!
gorgeous lady

Just … Whoa.
just... whoa

Named: Oreo

Znow Walker!
snow walker

It’s pretty good though.

How many pop culture icons can YOU spot?
y u no