AdWords Alternative AdBrite Makes A Strong Case – Part 2

Image by: adBrite
By Charles Lewis

In “AdWords Alternative AdBrite Makes A Strong Case – Part 1,” we set the stage for adBrite’s future and how some big changes were being made by the company to better position itself in the online advertising marketplace.

But the question still remains – is adBrite a worthy alternative to AdWords? Should the mighty Google be feeling the heat?

Many have made the leap already and not been happy with the results. Others have been pleased with what they’ve found in adBrite. Below you will find some pros, some cons and a summary. Also, leave your own thoughts about adBrite in the comment section below.

AdBrite – The Pros

Your adBrite campaign can run fully-automated, giving you more time to do other things, such as develop your content. Hardcore users report some satisfying differences between adBrite and AdWords – but it all comes to to individual preference and what criteria you want to exploit.

One reviewer noted with glee that with adBrite, you have the ability to purchase inexpensive “ads directly on sites showing adBrite ads,” something that not a lot of online ad companies offer (or they could find easily).

If you are trying to reach international customers, adBrite is the place for you. The company actually has a solid street rep for being the place to go to reach people in faraway places. They do it very well. They also play nice for those just starting to play with online advertising – you can experiment with all of their bells and whistles before you pull the money trigger.

AdBrite – The Cons

Some have complained about adBrite’s high “commissions” taken off the top of your ad buys. Reports say that adBrite’s cut comes out to approximately 25%, give or take a few. If that type of pricing scares you, stay away. However, adeBrite’s cut is within range of standard ad agency rates.

Others complain about a lower-than-AdWords ROI for adBrite (“I’m not making a heck of a lot of money,” said one nice review). Another talked about the company’s needing to “improve tremendously on the relevance of their ads.” Hope you are taking notes adBrite, I’m giving you gold here.

There are also grumblings about the options when it comes to pay-outs. For many, 60 days is far too long to wait to get paid. And not allowing PayPal pay-outs? That sticks in more than a few craws. AdBrite only mail checks. Remember those?

AdBrite – The Conclusion

But the biggest and most important complaint of all? AdBrite’s ads yield bottom-basement numbers when it comes to CPC traffic. Meaning, only a few are able to wring profits from the adBrite system, while the rest are just spinning their wheels and padding adBrite’s coffers.

Are you one of the few? The proud? The adBrite elite?

Tell us about your adBrite experience below.