Is Alabama The Latest College Football Dynasty?

Image by: Charles Atkeison
By Thomas Stone

The Alabama Crimson Tide face-off against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Monday night in Miami, as both teams are battling for the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship.

These two storied football teams are a throwback to the old days of college football. That’s when Notre Dame was a perennial powerhouse, and Alabama had a coach on the sideline with a houndstooth hat by the name of “Bear” Bryant.

This game marks Notre Dame’s return to the national stage as this is the team’s first appearance in a BCS bowl game since 2007.

Yet, while Notre Dame attempts to regain its national footing, the Crimson Tide seems to make an annual trip to this game. The last time we saw the Tide, it was against LSU in the BCS National Championship Game just one year ago.

They were able to beat the Bengal Tigers 21-0, giving Alabama their second BCS title in just three years.

Now, Alabama is looking to build upon that legacy by beating the Irish on Monday night. If they are able to win a third title since 2009, will this turn Alabama into college football’s most recent dynasty, or are they already there?

Let’s take a look at the latest title winners in college football, and we may have our answer.

Since the inception of the BCS in 1998, college football has seen 14 national title games, eight separate winners, and six teams repeating. Alabama has a chance to win three titles, something we have yet to see in the BCS-era of college football.

It’s also worth mentioning, in regards to the Tide, that they have beaten their two opponents by a combined score of 58-21, blanking LSU in last year’s title game.

The Crimson Tide have sported a dominate defense in both games, but no one will consider them to be the greatest of all-time. They’ve also had good quarterback play, but nothing anybody will remember.

Alabama has simply won games, and won them convincingly with a just-right mix of great defense and good offensive play.

While they are most certainly college football’s most dominate team at the moment, two national titles does not make the dynasty. They need a third one to fortify their legacy.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has three titles of his own, two with Alabama and one with LSU. Just as much as fans of the Tide want another title, a win will catapult Saban into rare coaching air.

He is the only coach in history, or the Associated Press era, to win titles at two different schools. While he won’t catch “Bear” Bryant’s record of six national titles this season, one has to believe that he has a chance to do so if he wins another championship this year, and continues to coach.

Alabama may not have the dynasty title just yet, but if they beat the Irish on Monday, the Tide will become college football’s latest dynasty.