About Me

Hi Guys, You’re probably wondering who is behind all of the ramblings and reflections that are collated on this site.

Well, I’m just me. I don’t claim to be a Guru, a master marketer and so on. I’m simply an ordinary person chasing an extraordinary life experience. I’m an Entrepreneur at heart, an NLP practitioner and advocate and a Commercial Management Consultant by background and one day things started ‘clicking’.

Currently I run six businesses all in varying states of maturity and am transitioning towards a lifestyle that allows me to go to bed every night and not set an alarm.

My first “business” per say was when I was around 15. I had mastered a way to win spectacular deals on eBay, waking up at 3am to bid in the dying seconds of an early morning auction or finding a way to access the website at school to land a bargain whilst everyone else was asleep or working. Spelling mistakes and poorly worded auctions were my friend. I hated school, the environment, the mindsets – they all sat at odds with me. The work felt unimportant, and ill-informed and unbeknownst to me, the ”spirit of a hustler” was burbling inside.

Fast forwards a few years and I found a niche in car speakers which became a hobby business. I studied part time and worked full time to gain a career in construction commercial and contract management. It’s been a career that has been good to me but quickly became life consuming, pushing an entrepreneurial pathway to the back seat.

Following my late father’s footsteps, who was a car addict and business man, I finally got to a place where I had developed a mindset that facilitated becoming self-employed and self-made. I began consulting in the construction industry where I carved out a niche which saw me undertake many successful engagements and paved the way for me to realise a dream and start an Automotive business. At this point my serial entrepreneurial side got a kick-start and many successful and not-so-successful ventures began.

The past few years have seen the death of my Father, the Birth of my daughter, the growth of my lifestyle and mindsets and Journaling it all helped me really align my thoughts. A huge frustration of mine is the plethora of zero-value, misleading ‘guruship’ that’s often found out there on the net which prays off those who are simply trying to find their path. So I thought, why not put these thoughts where the majority of them are available for people to read, reflect on, compare with their own findings and generally leverage as fuel to their journey.

Just today as an example, I stumbled across a marketer who offers a free e-book. Lo and behold, when you sign up you’re hit with a double digit postage fee. I find it disingenuous and it’s something I aim not to replicate. So where I offer information for free I mean a dollar does not leave your pocket.

Kickzer is simply a collation of my thoughts and reflections as I grow as a Zentrepreneur, in the hope that hopefully others can take something away from my experiences, good and bad.

So feel free to subscribe, comment, read, hell I’m open to all points of views and partial to a debate from time to time.