A Man and His Best Friend Travel to See the Natural Beauty of the USA

By Richard K. Noots

Stortz and his pal Wolfgang are doing what we only dream of. Like others, Stortz decided that his life wasn’t complete unless he saw all the wild beauty nature has to offer that he could possibly handle. His adopted dog, ever so loyal, is accompanying him on his journey. Stortz may be in charge, but this Wolfgang definitely brings a lot of heart and really completes the nature aspects of Stortz’s photos. Let’s hope we get more pictures of these two popping up on the internet, yes?

Black Canyon
BLack Canyon

Bonneville Flats
Bonneville Flats

This place is called Convict Lake!
Convict Lake

Cool cave

Death Valley
Death Valley

The Deserts of California
Deserts of Cali

Nisene Marks State Park
Nisene Marks, CA

The Ghost and the Dog!
The Ghost in the Dog

Well, now I want my own traveling dog …