A Homemade Monopoly Board Helped This Guy Take a “Chance” On Proposing to His Girlfriend

By Jack Day

Let’s face it guys, when it comes time in your life to pop the question to the woman you love, it can be a little terrifying.  You’re nervous, you’re worried, and you don’t want to blow the big moment.  If the two of you are really in love though, then it’s probably pretty guaranteed that she will say yes no matter how you plan to ask her.

For Justin Lebon, when the time came for him, he knew his plan was bulletproof.  After growing up on the same street, Justin and his girlfriend Michal Ott never connected until years later when they met on the dating website Match.com.  After falling in love, Justin had crafted the perfect way to propose to Michal that incorporated their common love for playing the board game Monopoly.

Justin found craftsman Mark Becker to help him design a special Monopoly board equipped with a secret locked compartment containing the ring, a pair of loaded dice, and a “chance” card that read: “Will You Marry Me?”

Here is how it all came together.

It started with a special Christmas present for one very special lady.


Each property in the game was based off places the two know very well.  Bonus points Justin.


Now it’s time to play!  Justin says about that special morning: “I knew years ago that Michal was the one, but it was a few months ago I decided I was going to ask Michal to marry me on Christmas morning.”


But wait a minute, what’s that little hole under the Luxury Tax spot?  Hmmm…


After a roll of the loaded dice, Michal lands on chance and gets a card she has definitely never seen before.


Now back to that suspicious hole. Ah ha! It appears there’s a secret compartment underneath the Luxury Tax!


And we have a winner! I bet a game of Monopoly never ended in marriage at your house! Maybe divorce, but not marriage!


The two got to spend the rest of their holiday as a newly engaged couple and it’s all thanks to the craftiness of Justin and his buddy Mark.


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