A Crystal Ball Can’t Hold a Candle to Good Old Fashioned Experience When It Comes to Building Your Business Empire

Image by: Scott Taylor
By Mike Venture

It can be brutal out there, being a man with an idea in 2016 and competing with big companies who can snap their fingers and have a whole team of professionals crank out the next big thing.

But when you think about it, even a giant like Amazon, who is now in the computer chip making business, grew from a single idea. It takes intense focus and good decision making to build an empire like that.

  • First you have to identify the most common mistakes that make you less productive
  • Then learn exactly what you need to do to train your focus and destroy procrastination
  • Which will help you face a devilish thing called impostor syndrome
  • After which you can then get some schooling on growing and sustaining your idea
  • And what the next five years will look like globally so you can better plan your vision

It’s going to sound crazy guys, but did you know that putting in too much time into your job or business can actually be detrimental? Or that if you read too much about what you’re trying to accomplish, the conflicting information can stifle you?

It’s all in this article from fastcompany.com and is definitely worth 5 minutes of your attention if you feel like you give more than you get. It will definitely help you get ready for the next part.

Don’t be paralyzed by doubt. It only leads to squandered opportunity.

If you have a notebook, or two, or three filled with good ideas, whatever they are, then you need to seriously sit down and choose one single idea that you love more than all the others. Then make it happen!


Read this article from entrepreneur and blogger Yaro Starak and learn about his “accountability thread” that acts as a way to keep you and your goals in check.

Starak also goes on to say, “In my experience mental freedom is vital. For you to focus and get projects up and running, you have to have tunnel vision, at least short term.”

It’s also a great way to stay focused and combat the evil forces of procrastination and it’s evil cousin impostor syndrome.

Don’t be an impostor

If you have never heard of imposter syndrome, then check out this article from getrichslowly.org and discover if you have been suffering from it without ever knowing.

“Simply put, it is the belief that what other people perceive of as accomplishments due to your skill, intellect, or other internal factors are in fact evidence that you are a fraud.”

Basically it has to do with your self esteem when it comes to success. If you ever feel like what you think or create is not going to go over well, this read will give you some great insight into overcoming such feelings.

Now it’s time to shine my friend

Especially if you’re considering retiring early in Puerto Rico, not paying taxes, and getting fizzy on the beach everyday.

“What do I do next?” is the question you should be asking and Derek Lidow at entrepreneur.com has the answer. In his advice Lidow tackles the 4 stages of enterprise maturity from startup to self-sustaining that can help you with all the times you’re left asking, “What next?”

“What they [entrepreneurs] need to understand is how an enterprise grows and matures and how to nurture it accordingly…As the enterprise matures, so must the leader. At each stage, you must undertake specific tasks, acquire new organizational skills and expand your leadership competencies to meet the demands of a changing and growing business.”

Lidow goes on to discuss his tenants for sustaining growth and working past each stage in the entrepreneurial process. Coming from someone who has lived through the experience makes this a must read gentlemen.

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

One more important step on your way to building an empire is to get a good idea at what the world is going to look like in the next five years.

You don’t need a crystal ball for that, even though it would be awesome, instead just read this article on entrepreneur.com to see what the global forecast looks like.

“Humankind has never had this amount of growth potential sitting right in front of it before. The population of the Internet and digitally connectivity is literally going to double in five years. It’s a mind-boggling proposition, and everything we know about digital engagement will need to be thrown out the window. We are going to see massive changes across the entire spectrum of human life, including how we interact with each other and the world around us.”

That’s heavy man.

It just means that along with everything else, you also have to anticipate what’s next. Lucky for you we already covered that.