8 Easy Tips for a Healthier Life

Image by: DVIDSHUB
By Robert Spencer

Personal trainers are great assets if you want to get in shape and build up some bulk at the gym. But what if you don’t have the time or money to get a personal trainer? What if you don’t have time to go to the gym? Well, in those cases, just turn to your good ol’ friend, Robert (yeah, that’s me).

I may not have a degree in nutrition or a license as an official personal trainer, however, I can give you some tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life, which will help you lose weight, eat less, eat better, and live healthier. Consider me a personal trainer for your everyday eating habits and active lifestyle.

#1) Cut Back on Butter

It’s easy to add a few extra hundred calories when it comes to cooking with butter. Instead of butter, opt for cooking spray. If you’re greasing up a pan, spray it with some olive oil or cooking spray instead of butter. It could save you a couple hundred calories a week (depending on how often you pan fry your food.

#2) Cook with Spices Instead of Sauces

Sauces also pack on the calories. Instead of slathering your food with sauces (did you know that a tablespoon of mayo has approximately 90 calories?), spice things up with some pepper or, better yet, cayenne. Hot spices and peppers help boost your metabolism and helps you eat slower so you won’t eat as much. You’ll feel full faster, not to mention, you’ll be filling up on water and milk instead of food.

#3) Volunteer Projects and Helping The Little Lady

Volunteering to clean up a park, your neighborhood, or even your own lawn could help drop some pounds. Four hours of yard work will help you burn up to 1800 calories (not to mention, help improve your neighborhood and house).

Helping your wife around the house will help also. Not only will the nagging stop (thank goodness for the little things), but it could help you burn a few calories as well. Folding clothes for a half an hour burns up to 72 calories. Three hours of painting a house will burn up to 1000 calories.

#4) Use Smaller Plates

In the 1950’s, the average dinner plate was only 9 inches in diameter. These days, the average dinner plate is 13 inches in diameter. How big of a difference does four inches worth of food make? Well, more than 78 million adults in the United States (approximately 35.7% of the adult American population) is considered obese by health standards. More specifically, 25% of men are considered to be obese.

Cutting back on our caloric intake should help remedy that number significantly. Eating on smaller plates will help you portion out your serving sizes and watch your caloric intake.

#5) Drink More Water

43% of us are failing to meet our daily water intake requirements. That doesn’t necessarily mean that nearly half of us are dehydrated but we are getting there. Drinking enough water will keep your body hydrated, running well, fill you up when you are hungry, and keep your brain in good shape so you can make healthier decisions. At the least, drink a full glass before each meal and one in between meals.

#6) Work Standing Up

We don’t all have the option of being able to walk around while we work. Guys that work retail (like a sporting goods store) have the opportunity to walk around all day. If you have a desk job, your constant “sitting” could be slowly killing your back, slowing down your metabolism, and ruining your posture. And besides, women don’t like men who can’t or won’t stand up tall.

Ask your boss for a standing desk. Yes, they have them. Some HR departments will even hook you up with one for free. Stand up while you’re in front of your Xbox. Get up and walk around every hour. Do some push-ups or hit the treadmill while you’re watching TV.

#7) Take a Walk to Cool Off

Walk the dog. Walk your kids. Take a walk to cool down after an argument with your wife. When you’re at the office, stand up and take a walk down to the bathroom or the water cooler every hour. Walking is the best way to stay active. Not only that but it will help deter diabetes and strokes. It’ll boost your sex drive and brain function too. Yep, walking is the young man’s Viagra. Think about it.

#8) Active Lifestyle and Healthy Eating Habits

It’s easy to stay fit without a personal trainer. They do help but all you have to do to live a healthier lifestyle is to be active and eat right. Instead of the pouch of Oreos in the pantry, grab an apple. Instead of the bottle of Diet Coke, grab a bottle of water. Instead of the bag of potato chips, grab some whole wheat crackers and chips. Easy enough, right?

Well, staying active isn’t all that hard either. Walking is an easy way to stay active. Avoid sitting for long periods of time. If you can, get up every half an hour to do something active: walk the dog, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, go sleep with your wife. I don’t care what you do as long as you’re not just sitting still. Well, and as long as it is legal. That’s pretty important too.