7 Life-Changing Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

Image by: WikiImages
By Robert Spencer

We work out. We eat right. We go to work. We relax at home. We’re doing all of the things right. So why do you feel so empty inside? Sure, sure, talking about “how we feel” is normally something that our women bug us about. But just between you and me… If you died tomorrow, would you be happy with how you’ve lived your life? And would you leave behind a legacy that you’re proud of?

#1) Take a Moment for Yourself

When we think about “living our lives to the fullest” images of fantastical things pop in our minds. However, living your life also means that you need to take moments of reflection for yourself. When you can sit back and listen to yourself. If you just sit back and listen, there’s a great power in that.

#2) Parachute-Like Mind

When you have an open mind (open like a parachute), you are more receptive to ideas which will yield more opportunities for you. This is another way that you can create your own opportunities as well. You can’t wait for them to fall in your lap. However, when you are open to new ideas, you will find opportunities and that feeling is empowering.

#3) Live and Let Live

Don’t let the past hold you back and don’t let the negativity of others affect how you live your life. Instead of judging others (and allowing them the ability to judge you), look at yourself. When you feel like judging someone else, take that energy and turn it into something productive. Move forward and away from that negativity.

#4) Facing Your Fears

This is a fantastic way to live your life. If we all let our fears stop us, we wouldn’t move forward. If it weren’t for courageous people who have forged the path past those fears, we would still be Neanderthals hunched around a campfire.

In order to do this, you’re going to have to look within yourself and be honest about what you’re afraid of. Some people may have physical phobias (snakes, falling, heights, darkness, etc.). While others may have others (fear of failure or success, being alone, etc.). Once you’re honest with yourself, you can take the steps to look those fears straight in the eye and punch them right in the nose.

Do you have a fear of falling? Start small and work your way to a skydiving adventure. Do you have a fear of failure? Take something small that is new and challenging to you (like a home project or a hobby) and work at it despite the fact that you may fail. Do it again and again until you do fail at something. Then…do it some more. Try new things. Try challenging things.

#5) Relying on Fate

This is a form of “facing your fear”. As modern men, we’ve got everything at our fingertips. There are few things that we feel we can’t handle when it comes to planning. And if something does go wrong, we’ve the advantage of technology.

We don’t leave things to fate these days. We plan and plan until we’ve got the rest of our lives scheduled in our smartphones and planners. For your next trip or vacation, why not leave a few things to fate. Or fill your gas tank one afternoon and see where the road takes you. There are very few things that can make us feel so free as the ability to leave and have the whole world in front of us.

#6) Find a Legal Drug of Choice

When you’re on drugs, you crave this thing. When you’re on it, you feel like there is nothing else in the world. It’s an escape but it’s also something of comfort for you.

You need to find your own type of drug. For me it is writing. It is my passion and it is my drug. For someone else, it might be fishing, woodworking, entrepreneurship, or exercise.

These are tied to us because they are our values and passions and they will help determine what our life purpose will be. At the root of your passion (whether it is writing, art, woodworking, of volunteering at a local hospital), you will find a set of values which fuels that passion. For writing, it is my need for creativity and my constant search for knowledge. Find those passions and values and they will lead you to your life purpose.

#7) Legacies

A lot of people are reeling after the death of actor Robin Williams (myself included). Whenever we are faced with the death of someone significant in our lives, we begin to reflect upon ourselves and how that person affected our existence. Robin Williams left an amazing legacy. He will truly be missed.

In this loss, plenty of us are turned to each other for support. Let his death help us become better people and people who know that our existence is important to other people (just like his was) in order to further his legacy and help us develop ours.

Now it’s your turn. How do you plan on living your life to the fullest? Did I miss something on the list? How did Robin Williams’ death affect you? Have something to share? Write down your thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comment section below.