5 Ways to Prevent Unwanted Pounds Over the Weekend

Image by: vegan_kat
By Robert Spencer

Mondays are usually pretty sluggish for a majority of us. We find it hard to get out of bed. We don’t want to go to work. We don’t want to do anything besides roll over in bed and get lost in the sheets. Sure, part of it is because we just don’t want to have to go to work.

However, another part may be that we have a tendency of gaining weight over the weekends. It’s not normally a huge weight gain but it’s enough for us to notice that our pants are a little more snug. For those who are more sedentary over the weekend, you may notice that you are one of these people.

Because of the stresses of the workweek and our schedules, we normally lose that weight as the week goes on but it would be better to not have to lose that weight in the first place. Especially if you’re trying to lose a few pounds anyway. So how can you avoid the weekend weight gain? Check out my favorite tips and give them a test run this weekend.

#1) Music

It has been proven that music plays a big part in your mood and emotional eating (or eating when you’re bored) is a big weekend issue. So instead of just sitting around watching TV, why not listen to some upbeat music and go enjoy some sunshine.

If you’re needing some inspiration, check out a music – centered website that will help to expose you to something new. For example, check out Musikface or This is My Jam. Just make sure that what you pick is upbeat and happy. Then get up and move. Being sedentary is a big part of why we gain weight over the weekend.

#2) Don’t Center Social Gatherings Around Food

“Want to meet up for coffee?”
“Wanna grab a beer?”
“Let’s grab a bite.”
“I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

We say these things when we’re wanting to meet with our friends (or perhaps schedule a date) but all of them center around food. Instead of planning social gatherings around a meal or a something sugary, go plan a hike with some friends instead. Meet at the batting cages. Play a game of football at the park.

#3) Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

There’s a correlation between being sleep deprived and gaining weight. When we lose our ZZZ’s because of scheduling issues or if you just don’t have good sleep practices, you’re probably snacking more or having more sugary caffeinated drinks.

So instead of getting up extra early this weekend, consider sleeping in until your internal clock tells you that it’s rested. If you’ve got an early hike or an early meeting, then why not just head to bed early.

#4) Shop During the Week

If you shop for groceries on Friday night before you head home, you’ll have the groceries to cook over the weekend. If your girl does the cooking, meet her in town before you head home so that you can both take care of the grocery shopping before it’s officially the weekend.

Make sure that you have a list with you. If you’re hungry for dinner, you’ll probably want to veer off the list but don’t. Stick with it. That will ensure that you don’t make impulse buys at the counter or grab that box of cookies before you leave the snack aisle.

When you’re shopping for snacks, go ahead and grab those healthy options rather than the package of Oreos or the tube of Pringles. Buy fresh fruit and vegetables and cut them up as soon as you get home so that they can serve as ready to eat, healthy snacks over the weekend. If it’s readily available, there will be more of a chance that you’ll eat them.

#5) Keep the Right Mindset

It’s not true that the weekend calories don’t count. My girl says it all the time and while I hesitate to tell her to put down the cookie. I find that I also have these tendencies over the weekend. There is no 48-hour break when you’re trying to eat healthy. That’s not to say that you can’t splurge every once in a while but splurging once in a while isn’t the same as 48 hours of free calories every week.

Now it’s your turn. What tips do you have for keeping off the pounds over the weekend? What healthy habit do you carry over through Saturday and Sunday? What bad habit do you have to stay away from? Have something to add? Let us know what you’re thinking by putting your ideas and questions in the comment section below.