5 Ways To Get In Shape Without Exercise Equipment

Image by: istolethet
By Jake Bradshaw

Gyms are overrated. No, seriously. Most men who are trying to get in shape think they need to spend money on a gym membership. This is far from the truth. The human body is meant to thrive on its own flexibility and endurance, not trapped behind a machine. A few simple ideas will go a long way between you and your fitness goals. All it takes is a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

#1) Buddy Sports

When you are around people you know, it has proven benefits to heighten your adrenaline while steering focus away from the physical activity. Something that never fails is a day out with your buddies. Grab a basketball, football, or soccer ball and go to the park.

An hour long game can burn up to 600 calories, especially on a warm day. Not just that, but ladies love to go to parks with their girlfriends to spot athletic men. When you’re with your buddies, it might give you the chutzpah it takes to kill two birds with one stone.

*Tip: If the buddies are too busy, there’s no shame in signing up for team sports. If you’ve missed the chance, offer to be an alternate. Whenever a season gets going, teams often need extra players, so you’ll be the first person they call. Check out some here:

#2) Obstacle Races

Obstacle races are getting more popular every year not just because of the vast amount of people you meet, but also because it combines fitness, fun, and adventure in the woods. Climbing over walls, crawling through mud under barbed wire, navigating water pits, and even jumping over fire is always guaranteed to be boredom-free.

Rugged Maniac and Warrior Dash are two events you can sign up with today. Most of the time, they will video tape the experience so you’ll be able to show your buddies. Invite them along next time, trust me, it’ll be much more fun. Check out the videos on their website and see for yourself.

#3) Enjoy The Outdoors

The best way to enhance your immune system, to fill yourself with energy, and to reap the most out of physical activity isn’t by running or climbing on gym equipment, but by going outdoors and breathing in oxygen like it was meant to be taken.

Hiking, sailing, outside yoga, swimming, or, if you live in a metropolitan city, ditching the car and running while doing your errands are great workouts.

Check out website like Groupon, EverSave, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe and take advantage of their deals. Many of them will offer a variety of discounts on fitness activities. If you bring a friend, chances are you’ll cut the price in half.

#4) Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has more benefits than you would think. According to FitDay.com, one hour of rock climbing can burn up to 400 calories. Not only does it target muscles in the arms, chest, back, and legs that are hard to reach on gym equipment, but it’s also an exercise for your brain.

It forces you to use your body and mind together in a physical activity that stresses the heart and accessory organs. The results are seen very quickly when it’s done regularly, and finding a good place to rock climb is easier than you think.

Check out ClimbFind.com. It’s a great database which will lead you in the right direction towards finding either outdoor or indoor climbing gyms in your area.

#5) Take It To The Track

Running burns more calories than any other cardio activity, so making it less boring will only benefit your enthusiasm for it. Getting off the treadmill at least a couple times a week will increase your endurance while also allowing your body the freedom to use its own flexibility and not be trapped in the space of a machine.

Running your own track allows you change your speed as you see fit, which a treadmill doesn’t allow you to do. Whenever you’re on a track, it will give you chances to create your own regiment. Since you make up the rules yourself, it will never get old.