5 Ways To Create Cash Flow With Articles

Image by: the Italian voice
By Fabian Tan

Here’s your chance to find out about how to make money with article marketing. Many people think that article marketing is too much hard work and it does not make much money. On the contrary, it can be very profitable without too much effort when the right monetization methods are in place.

Let’s explore how to make money with article marketing, a proven method that is still very effective today. Here are 5 ways to create massive cash flow with article marketing:

1. Promoting Your Information Products

One way to make money with article marketing is of course by promoting your own products. Information products are ideal when promoting products in your article’s resource box. You can also promote physical products, but these are more suited when paired with articles that are essentially product reviews. People reading how-to articles are searching for information on how to do something, so promoting your info products in your resource box is ideal.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Promoting affiliate products is one of the easiest ways for rank beginners to profit from article marketing. All you need to do is write articles and then promote other people’s products in your resource box. Bear in mind, however, that many top article directories don’t allow direct linking to your affiliate link. To promote affiliate products, you can register a domain name and then redirect it to your affiliate link. You can also create a product review site that has your affiliate links on it.

3. List Building

Articles are also a great way to build lists for your business. You can offer a free report or free video on your opt-in page, and build your email list by collecting subscribers’ information. Then you can market your own products or affiliate products to subscribers on the back-end. Be sure to provide a mix of content emails and promotional emails.

4. Search Enginee Optimization

One of the known ways to use articles is also to build backlinks. However, in recent months, this tactic has become less effective due to Google’s major algorithm change back in February 2011. Articles can still be used to build backlinks, but anyone using articles just for that sole purpose is not making full use of this marketing strategy. Articles are wonderful tools for getting traffic and branding, so use them to their fullest.

5. Product Creation

You can write a series on articles on a specific topic and compile them into a mini-report or even an ebook once you have written a lot of articles. Articles can thus be used for even creating information products once you have a portfolio of articles you have written. For example, if you have written 10 articles on dog training, you can compile them all together into a Word document, and turn it into a PDF report, which you can use for list building or even sell it as a entry-level product to build your customer list. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you have now seen how to make money with article marketing. Now start writing and making a name for yourself!

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