5 Top Health Benefits of Sex

Image by: Jenya Kushnir
By Bobby Williams

Any man would say that sex is good for your health, well studies have shown that they’re totally right. Since we discovered what sex was, it has never left our mind. Studies have shown that men think about sex once or twice an hour.

With the science we have today, we have learned crazy things about the human body that didn’t seem possible fifty years ago. We know how biology, chemistry and molecular structuring works. And I’m pleased to tell you that sex has some very obvious physical and mental health benefits – looks like sex can be a great medicine.

#1) It Can Help Reduce Prostate Cancer

There has been a lot of “fake” studies going around the internet about the link of frequent ejaculation and prostate cancer. The truth is that it both decreases and increases your chances, depending on your age. In a study reported by WebMD, 840 men were calculated by how often they ejaculated. The results were half and half.

With men in their 20s who claimed to ejaculate frequently (two to 7 times a week) had a 79% higher risk of getting prostate cancer when they reached their 60s. However, men in their 50s who claim to ejaculate frequently (one or more a week, in the study) had a 70% lower risk. Why is this, you ask?

When we ejaculate frequently, we produce male hormones that give us a high sex drive. These hormones give more androgens that bath prostate tissues, causing cancer. So in a sense, it’s not the actual act that makes young people prone to prostate cancer, but it’s the hormones that are produced while doing it.

For older men, it was the opposite result. By ejaculating frequently, the study suggests that you can rid the prostate gland of fluids that may contain cancer-causing substances. Ejaculating even in small frequency when you are in your 50s can help prevent these cancerous cells from forming.

#2) It’s Good For Your Disposition

When you have a lot of sex, you are less stressed. The tension we carry with us throughout the day will often cause heart problems and other issues as we get older in life. Having an active sex life will rid yourself of this problem, plus keep you excited during the day if you know you will be getting some well-needed R&R later.

With less stress, you are a better person to be around. Men need sex – our body calls for it, when we don’t have it, our adrenaline goes crazy. This is why a lot of professional athletes won’t have sex 24 hours before a big game.

#3) A Better Immune System

According to Jennifer Landa, M.D., a hormone therapy specialist, sex can produce the right environment for a strengthened immune system. This is because frequent ejaculation increases the level of cortisol, a hormone which regulates and helps to maintain our immune system.

Cortisol has also been known to cause more stress that soon becomes “sexual urges.” So the more sex you have, the more you need – but hey! It beats fighting a cold, right?

#4) It’s a Great Work Out

Depending on how creative you are with your partner, you can lose up to 250 calories by having sex. Nowadays, people are so busy that they use sex as a release. This give you more energy which allows for a heavier thrust in the hips, toning your lower back and lower abs. There’s a reason why the V-shaped muscles on your lower abs pointing towards the pelvis are called “sex lines.”

#5) It Releases Endorphins 

Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are released in the brain which allow you to have a clearer mind, while giving you that “high” that most runners talk about. They are different from serotonin, or the “happy chemical.” Endorphins can affect your entire productivity throughout the day and can also send positive messages throughout your body – almost like a computer.