5 Spices That Will Enhance Your Sex Drive

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By Bobby Williams

You don’t have to wait till you’re in adult diapers to think about libido-enhancing alternatives. Sometimes a man just wants to go full speed. Turns out, there are plenty of natural herbs and spices you all have in your pantry that prove just as strong as Viagra. A little goes a long way, figuratively speaking. Here are a few you should know about:


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By far, ginger proves that Mother Nature is definitely a woman. Like all women, she wants her man to be ready for action whenever she is. And the best part about it is that you don’t even have to ingest it for it to have the effects. Whether you boil it in your soup or light a ginger-scented candle, your libido will thank you in more ways than one.

Ginger increases the blood flow to the penis. It warms you up and smells a lot better than other herbs on this list – garlic, hello. Cultures have consistently used it as an aphrodisiac for centuries. It’s high in potassium, magnesium and copper, plus it has anti-inflammatory effects. There’s nothing bad to say about this miracle spice. It’s definitely everything nice.


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There’s something to be said about Italians. They seem to get everything right, and they’ve done it yet again. Many guys try to avoid garlic because, frankly, it makes your breath smell. But regardless of this minor detail, the high levels of allicin in garlic will improve blood flow directly in your sex organs. Not to mention, it’s also great for your heart.

Garlic can literally be good on anything, especially when it’s mixed with carbs. Good carbs that is. Even the slightest addition will create a chain reaction in the body that eventually set the libido in motion. So stuff some mints in your back pocket and dive into the garlic frenzy.


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It’s warming and slightly sweet, perfect for your libido right? Not only does it increase your blood flow, but it also increases body temperature. Certainly this is one to always stock away in your pantry. They increase energy and research has shown that it will you smelling sweet. This is definitely more than just a libido booster, it’s a sex attractant.

Since they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, they’re also great for men who are wanting to lose a bit of weight as well. So why not hit three birds with one stone? Look good, smell good, and always be ready for your lady. Sounds good to me.


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Here’s a fun fact. According to a 2011 University of Guelph study, just a thread or two of saffron can increase your sex drive.  Sure it might be a tad bit on the expensive side, but a little definitely goes a long way. Put a little bit in your rice dish and you’re set for the evening. Its antioxidant qualities make it perfect for any dish, but try not to overindulge it. Large amounts can result in overdose.


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Obviously nutmeg is a great thing to know about since it’s seen in nearly everything with crust. The Indian culture has used it as a libido booster for centuries, and here’s a little secret. It also works for women. In Africa, many people refer to nutmeg as “Viagra for women.”

Researchers at the Aligarh Muslim University tested nutmeg as an aphrodisiac using animal studies and found that it did, indeed, increase sexual behaviors. Sprinkle it on top of potatoes, put it in your batter, or even use it as a replacement for cinnamon. Trust me, you both will be very content with the results.