5 Fish Oil “Weight Loss Secrets” All Men Should Know

Image by: zeevveez
By Jake Bradshaw

Fish oil is more than just a pill. If there’s one miracle drug on the market today that is insanely overlooked, it’s this. The average person might think they’re getting enough, but the fact of the matter is they’re not. If you truly want to have a lean, built body, fish oil is the best bridge towards getting there. Here’s why:

#1) Omega-3 Fatty Acids Will Help You Lose Body Fat

You read correctly. There are a number of reasons why fish oil helps you lose body fat, and it all points to omega-3 fatty acids. They are the fats our body can’t produce by itself. They can only be obtained by our food and, additionally, are necessary for us to function. But just because it has the word “oil” in it doesn’t mean it will make us fat.

In fact, here’s where the secret lies. The body uses the fat from fish oil to build the outside lipid (fat) layer that protects our cells. Although trans fats and omega-6 fats will do the same thing, the fat from fish oil will work the best because it improves the activity of insulin as well which is a principal factor in fat loss.

This theory was proven true during a study by the University of South Australia which took 75 overweight and obese people and split them into four groups, supplying three with supplements and leaving one with none. After three weeks, it was shown that the group given the fish oil had a decrease in body fat percentage plus an average 4.5lbs in weight loss.

#2) Insulin Sensitivity

Never underestimate insulin. Not only does it improve your metabolism, it also helps with muscle building. Fish oil helps with this because it allows the cell receptors in the lipid (fat) layer to bind more easily with insulin. Once this happens, it shuttles glucose from dietary carbs into the muscles to be stored and used as energy later.

In a way, it helps your muscles load nutrients like creatine does. When you’re working out, the nutrients it provides will help with performance and fat burning without using up the ones you need. Think of it as a never ending ATM machine for energy. It will always be there when you need it.

#3) It Helps With Protein Synthesis

Studies have shown that fish oil increases protein synthesis. Protein, as we know, is the key building block of muscle. In fact, the NCAA banned the distribution of omega-3s by major colleges to scholarship athletes. The idea being that it gave them an unfair advantage. That says something.

The term is anabolic, meaning, it helps to create protein and build muscle. One of the natural reactions of extra protein in the body is the increase of muscle cross-sectional areas. Whenever you’re working out, it acts as a magnet towards whichever muscle you’re working. Extra muscle work will always result in a loss of fat as well.

#4) Keeps Old Age At Bay

Recent findings have shown that people over the age of 65 who’ve received omega-3 fatty acids gained almost twice as much muscle strength following exercise, ultimately keeping elderly immobility at bay.

Muscle size is reduced by .5% – 2% each year for the average person, this is a process called sarcopenia. But since fish oil is anabolic, by taking these supplements every day it tremendously stalls the process. As you get older, muscles will be charged and working – but you need to start now. It doesn’t have reverse-effects, only balance-effects which means you better start sooner than later.

#5) Decrease In Inflammation

If you want to be lean, you have to rid yourself of inflammation. No matter how hard you work at the gym, inflammation will always make you look puffy in all the wrong areas. But it’s more than that, it also can bring about disease, illness, and delayed healing from injuries.

Fish oil has insane properties to decrease both chronic and acute inflammatory response to intense exercise. Sometimes when you go really hard at the gym, your body’s natural reaction is to inflame in order to protect itself from shock – though it doesn’t need to.

Omega-3 fats are seriously a miracle drug in this regard. Researchers have found that it speeds detoxification of waste, improves cellular health, and decreases hormones that cause that pesty inflammation – all giving you a more lean and shaped body. It’s a win-win.