5 Athletes That Will Scare You From Watching Sports

By Charlie DeWitts

Sports can be a lot of fun to watch and to play, but there is a serious side to it that we don’t always see. A lot of money is being placed on making sure each team gets the gold, but only one will walk away with it. The intensity can be seen and felt from these athletes who give it their all every day. Still though, I think some of these guys might take it a little too seriously. I mean, after all … It’s just a game, right?

Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles

Jack Lambert bringin’ his A game.
Jack Lambert - Pittsburgh Steelers - File Photos

John Chaney
Temple vs Santa Clara NCAA 1993

Ease up, Mr. Garnett.
Boston Celtics v Phoenix Suns

He will take a piece of you with him.
Mike Tyson

Yeah … I think I’ll just stay home and not get competitive.


  1. Benn66 says:

    There are a lot of athletes that I would not want to encounter in a dark alley. Ray Rice being the first one. Garnett doesn’t scare me.

  2. stevej65 says:

    I agree, Garnett doesn’t scare me either. When Tyson isn’t on his medication he is someone that scares me. What am I talking about, even on his medication he is scary! He looks like a guy that if you started running he would not stop until he caught you.

  3. Scott says:

    Tyson is a scary dude for sure. Garnett looks intimidating there but doesn’t particularly worry me either. I wish I had the arms that Clay Matthews does.

  4. Torrance says:

    I agree, Tyson is a really scary guy. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of any of these competitive athletes. I understand that this is their lives work, but sometimes you just want them to step back and relax for awhile.

  5. Mikey says:

    Ray Rice is a creep and a jerk. That video was shocking. I’ve never seen such callousness. I wouldn’t want to confront someone with those kind of morals.

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