Let This Senior Citizen Inspire You to Fight for What is Yours

By Jack Day

Statistically thieves prey on victims who are weaker than them, like the elderly. Though the common trait among any and all who steal is cowardice. And because of that every once in a while the victim has a chance of scaring the robber off. 67 year old Kay Kice did just that when she took a swing recently at a would be carjacker. The thief returned a blow that sent Kay to the pavement, keys to her van still firmly in hand. They may have gotten away for the time being and Kay has no one to thank but herself for fighting them off. It’s a shame that it happened, but it is inspiring to see this woman stand up to her attackers and protect her property.

What do you think of Kay’s actions? Smart or irrational? The thief had a gun, but didn’t use it. She also had no way to know he wouldn’t. Tell us your opinion and any any useful information or stories you would like to share!