4 Benefits You & Your Business Will Experience from Going Green

Image by: Shirley
By George Lamb

Ever consider taking your business down a more natural route? You probably should, not only because it may be beneficial to your company, but also because you will be effectively saving the environment from it’s inevitable doom. Okay, perhaps double siding your documents and telecommuting won’t necessarily stop global warming and rising sea levels, but you never know.

The decision to go green just may be the deciding factor that keeps our species alive another 100 years.

But if you’re one of those types of people who could care less about such matters and is only focused on more immediate goals, then you can still benefit from this by the cutting of expenses that will result from making your business more eco-friendly. If saving money and the planet you live on isn’t enough of a reason to consider purchasing a few recycling bins and distributing them throughout your work place then I don’t know what is.

Whatever the case, here are 4 major benefits that may make you change your mind if you’ve been skeptical about this matter.

#1) Becoming More Attractive to Customers 

Advertising your product among the sea of competitors and distinguishing it from the crowd is indeed an obstacle, but if you accompany your product with your environmentally friendly methods then you will be setting yourself apart from all the other non-green competitors. What benefit will this have? Well, if someone were to ask you if you wanted your Xmas gift from company

  • A (A business who utilizes environmental friendly methods) or company
  • B (A business who doesn’t) then which option would you be more likely to go with?

A. I can imagine.

Why wouldn’t you? People buying there product from a company that is eco-friendly will give them the impression that the business actually cares. And if they care about the environment, then that in itself is a great indication that they care about the people in it (i.e. the customers). Not only will customers be more attracted to your business, but you will also be attracting a staff with more altruistic intentions than the typical wage workers (although those might come, too).

#2) Improve Staff Productivity

Speaking of staff, getting employees involved with deciding upon select ideas to make the workplace a more eco-friendly place will do well to build a more interactive staff. Of course you want to ensure your staff focuses on getting the tasks done at hand to keep your business afloat, but assembling brief meetings once in a while to gather ideas and concerns will go along way with securing a happy, healthy workplace.

Also, by reducing the environmental impact of your business, you will be increasing it’s sustainability by relying less on natural resources than your competitors. This will equate to a higher chance of long-term success as your business will be less vulnerable to climate change.

#3) Introducing Telecommuting will Reduce Costs & Improve Staff

Considering implementing telecommuting  in your business will be one of the ideal options for those of you who want to go green. Not only will you be conserving money on running a physical, energy consuming workplace, but you will also be conserving things like gas to get to and from work and the stress of having to deal with traffic and other driving related stresses. Less stress equals more productivity.

Telecommuting is convenient, its effective, and above all it doesn’t take too much of a toll on your wallet. Sounds good, right? And to top it off you–and the people you hire–will be able to work at home in your pajamas. Kind of like what I’m doing right now. I digress…

#4) Save In Energy Costs

There are a number of small things you and your company can do to make your business greener such as reducing–minimizing your need for paper by printing pages on both sides; recycling–inviting staff to shred excess papers and deposit that, and other refuse, in designated areas; avoiding–using energy like lights, equipment and machines unnecessarily; and reusing–salvaging excess paper and other materials for scrap paper or personal use.

Enduring great pains to consistently ensure all of the aforementioned steps are being utilized in your workplace may prove to be a second job in itself, but the investment is worth the money and resources that will be conserved.

Got any ideas to transform your company into something more environmentally friendly? Good for you! Don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you plan on doing to make it greener.