3 Ways To Get More From Your Workouts

Image by: gigijin
By Kurt Garrity

You are a dedicated gym rat that looks a good and feels great. But you have you seemingly hit a peak when it comes to your workouts. Do you feel like you just can’t get anymore out of them?

Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. You fell into a single track and just kept on going in that direction until one day you realized “wait a minute, this isn’t doing anything for me anymore.” Fear not, sweat sock, your journey is not over – it has only just begun.

Here are three ways that you can get more bang for your exercise buck. Or something like that.

1 – Change The Channel

Do you watch TV while you workout? Stop that right now. NCIS isn’t really that good of a show anyway. Switch to music instead. Health experts say that the emotional roller coaster known as TV sets the wrong tone for your body, while uptempo music actually pumps you up.

Wow. Hanz and Franz were right.

2 – Give Your Metabolism A Boost

Metabolism is the rate at which we burn off those calories. Why not super-charge your system to get that metabolic rate through the roof. How do you do that? Weight training works well, as more muscle equals a higher metabolism. So get lifting (Hanz and Franz again).

Long cardio sessions more than 3 times a week are also effective at raising metabolism. Burn calories burn.

3 – Add More Weight

Have you been busting through your current weight regime in no time flat? Then you are getting almost zero in return for your efforts (unless you are actually trying to waste your time, that is). Tweak your tonnage for the maximum amount of workout effectiveness and watch those calories go bye-bye.