3 Ways Having a Podcast Can Add a Layer of Professionalism to Your Business

Image by: Stephen Ridway
By Giovanni Fields

You’ve heard about them and you’re probably are a fan of them, but how can having a podcast aid your business in continuing down the track to success? Well, the truth is having a podcast can help boost sales by getting your name out there and heard in much more interactive ways than traditional advertising can offer. Also, it can be an effective tool to improve your business to customer relationship, as consumers will feel more connected to you due to not only seeing your product, but hearing about it–and you for that matter, the mastermind behind it–as well.

Those are only a couple perks it can offer, and they might sound utterly fantastic, but before you consider jumping into the world of podcasting, keep in mind that it does require loads of time and effort.  You may even find that the upkeep involved with keeping your podcast flourishing is as nearly demanding as a full time job. But if you do happen to have the extra time to invest into creating an engaging, badass podcast, then here are a few ways in which it can be greatly beneficial to your business or product 

#1) Shows Dedication

As mentioned above, the upkeep of a podcast on a daily bases requires a huge effort, and if you are actually able to uphold this demanding task for weeks, months, or even years at a time, then you will be actively demonstrating your obsession with your product or business. Yea I know what you’re thinking: what do you mean obsession!? Well, being obsessed with your product of business may sound insane to some, but to those customers who are at least remotely interested in your product, the obsession will translate as dedication.

When consumers and people see you have an informative, well-established podcast under your belt they will be decidedly interested in seeing what you have to offer, especially over other podcastless competition. You will have a step up over any other business demonstrating a similar product as your own, and will be able to back your product up not only by ads floating around online and word-of-mouth, by your own personal personal commitment to exposing whatever you have to offer.

#2) Shows Level of Expertise

Not all of us are blessed with Barack Obama’s oral skills, and often times when first starting out public speaking your efforts will be far from perfect. But the fact is if you’re enthusiastic about something, no matter how bad your stutter is or how un-influential your voice is, you will feel a need to demonstrate your level of expertise to the masses.

Do you have invaluable knowledge about a vast array of exfoliating lotions and feel that you can change lives by offering the information you know to the general public? If so, then go ahead and show off your level of expertise by brandishing your knowledge to the public eye!

Chances are if you ask a successful person what was the most challenging thing they had to do to get where they wanted to be, 9 times out of 10 they’d tell you it was something along the lines of stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something their innate inhibitions told them not to. But if you were to continue to pry their brain for knowledge they will probably continue to explain to you of the dire need they felt to jump out of their comfort zone to show off their vast knowledge on a particular subject.

It goes without saying that people will be much more likely to purchase a product from somebody who actually knows to a great extent what their talking about as opposed to someone who is seemingly non-existent, relying on the immediate image of their product to lead the way.

#3) The Promotion

When a person sits and listens to another person speak, something happens to their brain–all their thoughts tend to slow down and they become very receptive to what you have to say, and even if its something as primitive as a bathroom towel, the fact that you will get to clearly and coherently express in great detail why that towel needs to be bought and why it will make ones life more convenient will be the ultimate method of promotion for your business or product.

Advertisements, blogs and social media are indeed all effective means of promotion, but nothing quite entices a consumer then daily, cut and dry reasons as to why your product needs to be regarded. While podcasts were once considered an obscure method of spreading information to the general public, they have grown to become a well recognized method for distributing content you may find to be valuable. And of course what’s more valuable than that new revolutionary bathroom towel you’re trying to sell? Nothing, of course…

Has a podcast been your saving grace when it comes to getting your business or product much needed exposure? Congratulations, but before you celebrate, how about sharing your own unique experience as to how having a podcast helped your business. We appreciate it!