3 Simple Morning Habits to Wake Up Your Brain

Image by: Pixabay
By Daniel Maerdew

Nutrition and rest are the cornerstones of a healthy and energetic mind. The modern life pulls our thoughts in a million directions every day. How many times have you heard someone remark, “where is my memory going?”

Whether you’re ambitious or you take life easy, we are still faced with a multitude of details and tidbits of information that we’re asked to store and remember, take action on, or to analyze.

If you struggle getting your brain into gear in the mornings, or you run out of energy during the siesta hours every day; here are some alarmingly simple, yet vital things you should do every morning.

First, you should get consistent and regular sleep at night. Go to bed at the same time, and wake up at the same time. Make sure you get the six to eight hours your body needs to rest. Every morning you awake, your body and mind have been in a stasis. The brain needs only a few simple things to get you out of “sleep mode.”

1. Wiggle your toes while still in bed, awake. Wiggle them, flex them up and down, and move only your big toe. The isolated muscle motions stimulate your brain and organ productivity. The consistent practice will help with balance, too. This action is like a wake-up call to the brain from the most remote region in the body.

2. Fluids are like gasoline for the brain. You may know about the benefits drinking an 8-ounce glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning. Given the brain is 80% water, this makes sense. But what you should also know is that drinking a glass of apple juice later in the morning is like giving your brain high-octane gas. Apple juice helps increase the production of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine which helps with memory activity.

3. Eat an ideal “brain” breakfast. A healthy breakfast should involve eggs and almonds. An omelet provides the omega-3s that your brain craves and the proteins that give you the energy to be alert and focused throughout the morning.

One of the best ways to benefit from the power of almonds is to throw them into a morning shake. Try mixing almonds with almond milk and a banana, blend it up, and presto! You have a super brain shake to go with your eggs.

If you are in need of something “stronger” in the morning, I suggest doing three sets of 50 pushups, or go on a brisk morning walk or run before breakfast. Try mixing up your morning habits in order to throw your brain a curve ball: brush your teeth and hair with your non-dominant hand. Drive to work or school using a different route every now and then. And if you want to go crazy, read in the morning.