3 Oils That Have Amazing Health Benefits

Image by: advencap
By Kurt Garrity

As we go about our day, our body craves certain nutrients. When those nutrients aren’t available, our systems go into a crisis mode – both localized and body-wide – and that’s when we start to suffer physical breakdowns and open the door to some serious health problems down the road.

Much of this happens at the micro level and you probably don’t even feel it happening. But then one day, we have a sharp pain or weird ache that’s hard to pinpoint. Or the doctor has a sit-down with you about the disturbing finding in your lab work.

Other ailments happen right up front; scaly skin, digestive issues.

Some of that can be prevented with proper care and maintenance of our bodies. That’s why we need oils.

But You Take Vitamins!

Yes, you take vitamins, we know – but there are certain compounds required by the body that are only available in their raw natural state: oil. And besides their unique nutritional elements, properly consumed oils also can aid the body in other ways, including aiding in digestion by lubricating your tract.

Power-packed and distilled down to a slippery essence, oils can provide certain body must-haves like no other. A word of caution, however: according to Livestrong.com, ingesting more than 3 g of omega-3 fatty acids a day can be detrimental, so do the math before throwing anything down the hatch.

Here are three that should be on your radar right now (recommended daily dose):

1 – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This overlooked oil is simply incredible in what it can do for the body. Besides helping to keep things like heart disease, cancer and diabetes at bay, olive oil can strengthen your immune system. And studies show that olive oil may also reduce your belly fat.

Two spoonfuls of the stuff in the morning before you eat anything else and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks in no time. You actually get used to the taste, but at first you may want a chaser food or fluid.

1 – Fish Oil

Fish oil is a wonder drug of sorts as it works amazingly well aiding in the proper function of many diverse parts of the body, including the skin, respiratory system and digestive system.

It also makes kids smarter, enabling them to better comprehend and remember what they just learned. So if you have kids, feed them fish or give them supplements.

3 – Cold-Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

And you thought pumpkin was only good for pies. Derived from those white, flat seeds of a pumpkin, this oil is bursting with all kinds of vitamins, including magnesium, zinc and vitamin E, among others. Pumpkin seed oil is also fatty acid rich, offering up heavy doses of Omega 3 & 6.

Additionally, studies show that pumpkin seed oil is a good cleanser for the intestines. Recommended dosage: one teaspoon twice a day, but take it after a meal.

NOTE: Please consult your physician before making drastic changes to your diet.