2014: E-Commerce vs M-Commerce

Image by: Johan Larsson
By Michael Sterling

It’s no secret that mobile services have been in demand for a while, and it’s not just social media that’s taken the lead this year. Online shopping has boomed with sky rocketing sales, and according to a new YStats Trend Report, the United States is projected to remain the largest E-Commerce market worldwide.

2014 and beyond shows to be a time of mobile-friendly shopping. It’s time that we begin to rethink our technological strategy to aim high for the coming years. The entire world is using their phones, which means no matter where they are on the planet, they have the potential to be your customer.

It’s not foolish to say that in a not-so-far future, all of our business will be run on a mobile device. Nowadays, this generation is doing EVERYTHING on their phone – who’s to say that when they become the next business owners, they won’t want to keep it that way?

Where’s M-Commerce Heading? 

Many business owners are saying that online shopping is going to become much more personalized, and retailers will need to customize in order to be mobile-friendly. It’s predicted that by 2016, over half a billion customers will be shopping via mobile device. What does that mean? It means that online and mobile payment markets will skyrocket!

It’s easy to say that the mobile phone will completely replace the computer, but that might be taking it a step too far. The beauty about the internet is that you can reach anyone, ANYWHERE. But something we need to consider as far as M-Commerce goes is where each country is economically.

In countries like South Africa, smart phones are just beginning to sweep the culture – but in other countries on the African continent, they are still using 1990s-made computers.

Nations around the world are lagging behind in technological advances, but that doesn’t mean we ought to forget about this market. Instead, let them be a future we can easily predict.

Where’s E-Commerce Heading? 

Countries like China have jumped the gun in creating new systems of delivery and payment methods, which are being implemented due to the demand of online sales. Asia, in general, has been seeing tremendous E-Commerce growth.

According to the Trend Report, by the end of 2013, Asia is expected to overtake North America with the highest E-Commerce sales which will mean they’ll account for over a third of the world’s E-Commerce revenue. Online markets have now become so eager to use these trends for their benefit, and if you’re smart, you will too.

Think about being a part of companies like GroupOn and Living Social. They offer discounts from businesses and restaurants to individuals or small groups that sign up for their free email updates. If you allow your company to give special coupons on forums like these, you expand customer loyalty and widen your market outreach.

Which Markets Can We Expect To Grow? 

Studies have seen that the rise of health and beauty, clothing, jewelry, group-buying, gaming and travel markets will be overwhelming in the next few years. With delivery systems and mobile-paying, market returns are expected to reach record-breaking numbers. 

The places we need to look at are locations where people tend to travel. Think of the Caribbean, beach cities in Mexico, Las Vegas. Online travel sales to these places are leading the market, and sites that gear towards these services will reap the benefits. More tourists equal more money.