2 Ways To Earn Money With Tweople’s Virtual Spokesperson

Image by: Tweople
By Gordon J. Pruitt

Having a virtual “walk on” spokesperson on your website can increase your revenue by holding visitors on your landing page longer and keeping them engaged and (hopefully) more eager to click through and purchase goods or services.

Oh, and they look pretty damn cool too.

But up until now, it has been an expensive proposition to add the striking visual element to your site. That is no longer the case. Introducing “Tweople,” short for “Tiny Web People.” Tweople is a new company that offers plug-in solutions for those looking to add a virtual spokesperson to their site.

And guess what? Their HD 1080i videos look absolutely fantastic and their actors are capable. Also on the menu: Tweople can generate a clip for you, ready-made for YouTube. Yes, Tweople is the fast food of the virtual spokespersons world.

Would You Like Fries With That?

For as little as $29, you can add one of their pre-made talking heads to your site (although at the $29 price point they are silent sign holders). Your finished product will be available in as little as 24 hours, while other products can take several days or even a week to turn around.

Custom packages where you write the script start at $199.

How do they do it? They have a studio located in Central Florida and use the actor of your choice to read your text and make your introduction or pitch. Choose your spokesperson from a lengthy list of male and female candidates representing a wide range of ages and ethnicities.

Tweople has made it so easy that they are certain to usher in a new era in web-marketing essentials. Not sure about all of this whiz-bangery? Visit Tweople.com and take one of their pre-mades out for free 14-day test drive to see what kind of results you get.

A Star Is Born

You like the idea of having a virtual spokesperson greeting visitors to your site, but you were really hoping it could be you, your lead salesperson or another company representative be the star of the pop-up, not some obvious actor. I mean, who better to sell your product, right?

Well, Tweople also gives you the option to make your own video. Hallelujah and pass the pancakes. This is where it gets a bit complicated, however. To make your own video, you have to follow one of three separate paths.

  1. You can visit their studio, located in Central Florida (think Orlando area).
  2. You can set up an appointment for one of their mobile studios to come to you.
  3. You can shoot your own video, closely following the production guidelines for the best results.

Image by: Tweople

More Money

OK, so you’ve implemented one of Tweople’s people – or your own glorious video likeness – into your site and you couldn’t be happier with the way it works. The effect really seems to be having an impact on your site stats.

Well, Tweople gives you another way that you can cash-in on this exciting technology – be an affiliate.

Many of you reading this are already knee-deep into the world of affiliates, and that’s great. So why not throw another log onto the fire? Over the next few years, the number of developers and site operators using Tweople technology or something similar will certainly grow exponentially.

And Tweople makes it so inviting, too. They offer customers who want to become affiliates the opportunity to set up their own branded website to sell Tweople products with the company’s blessing and assistance.