Fashion Trend: Cufflinks Are Back In

Image by: PetroleumJelliffe
By Garret Hendrickson

When it comes to the business world, it may seem like they are sucking the creativity out of you. You used to be the wannabe rock star with the long hair who had to get a “real job” and basically lost your identity.

Maybe you’re the one that has a full tattoo sleeve underneath your dress shirt but can’t show it in the business world. Maybe you had to cut your hair or get ear construction to fix the holes where your gauges used to be.

Either way; cufflinks are a fashion trend that is picking back up in the world of fashion. It’s a way men can express themselves while staying within the “standards” of business.

What Are CuffLinks?

Cuff links are used to fasten two pieces of fabric together. Most people have been opting in to pay for a dress shirt with a button because they stopped caring about cufflinks but now; it’s sweeping the nation again.

They are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to formal wear. It’s the only way sales people or businessmen can put their personality into their professional attire.

Guys of all ages used to drop big money on cufflinks; a major commonality among men when they traveled was to pick up different cuff links from every city they visited.

Customizable CuffLinks

When it comes to cufflinks; they are just as important of an accessory as shoes or your tie. It has to match the kind of shirt you wear but it can be a form to express yourself on your business attire. Here are some customizable cufflinks to get your ideas turning.

Monogrammed Cufflinks – These cufflinks are only used during special occasions. They will usually have some kind of logo or symbolic meaning to the person wearing them. Whether it’s a fraternity they belonged to, their first multi-million dollar business, or even their family crest; it’s something symbolic to them.

Tuxedo Cufflinks – These cufflinks are exactly as the name suggests. These are simple and elegant that you would use for a black tie event or an event while wearing your tuxedo.

Bull and Bear Cufflinks – These cufflinks are usually worn by professionals in the finance industry or the investment industry. Bull stands for the rising market and bear stands for the falling market.

Create Your Own – The last thing to do when purchasing your first set of cufflinks are to create your own that will stand out to you. Jump on the cufflink bandwagon today and start being the talk of the business world.