10 Fitness Tips To Get You Excited About Working Out

Image by: A&A Photography
By Jake Bradshaw

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, only 32.5% of all adults participate in regular physical activity, while 36% have no physical activity at all. Out of those who do participate, 58.9% aren’t doing it “vigorously”, meaning, their fitness routines are mediocre at best. Whichever category you fit in to, taking a moment to reflect on your workout regiment is worth the time.

But why are men not getting what they need from their workouts? As we dig deeper to find out, we discover a common thread: we’re bored! Listen. Every man takes away from the gym whatever effort he puts into it. All we need is a spark of inspiration to gain our enthusiasm back, and with these 10 fitness tips you just might be able to find it again:

#1) Set New Goals

At the gym, it’s easy to repeat the same routine until you’re bored to death. Instead of focusing on routines, change your focus on your body. What goals do you want to set for yourself? Remember, we can sculpt our body to whichever shape we want. All it takes is some stamina and effort.

All the equipment you need is right in front of you, and whenever you have a goal it’s easier to spot the ones you should spend more time on. Once a goal is met, there’s always another one to set.

#2) iPods Are A Miracle

I can’t do cardio without music anymore. Music does something to our bodies, especially if it’s a song or beat we’re familiar with. It fills our body with energy and can change our mood. Using this to your advantage, pull out the fast tempo songs you love and crank it up. Before you know it, you will have run 3 miles with minimal effort.

One great thing to do is to find your favorite station on iRadio or Pandora. That way, you never know what’s about to come on and it will fill you up with adrenaline each and every time.

#3) Switch Up The Equipment

Most men fail to see that just because you’re focusing on one body part, doesn’t mean you need to stick with one machine or method. There are a plethora of creative ideas on how to work every muscle.

There are resistance bands, kettle balls, dumbbells, barbells, water aerobics, and so many more options. Expand your horizons, otherwise you will become mentally glued to machines only because they’re “easy.” With this strategy, you’re constantly reliving the same day over and over – that’s never good.

#4) Don’t Stay Indoors

Don’t get me wrong, gyms are great. But every now and then, you need to experience the free air. Nothing will ever be boring when you’re outside in mother nature. When the weather is nice, it’s her way of telling you to enjoy the scenery. Go for a run, take the dog to the beach, go rock climbing, hiking, kayaking. There’s so many things you can do that are just as good as any gym routine.

#5) Have A Dream Board

If you are trying to reach a particular target weight, nothing will knock the procrastination out of you like seeing a before/after picture near your desk at work or on the fridge. Your dream body is really just a gym visit away, and by constantly reminding yourself of that you are more likely to stay motivated.

#6) Get An Assigned Locker

When you have an assigned locker, you will have an area that is “yours” at the gym. This mental connection will give you the feeling of a second home, which means you can keep all your gym-related things inside. A nifty trick I like to do is to leave something in there that I would need the next day, giving myself the perfect excuse to come back.

#7) Don’t Be Afraid Of Classes

Classes aren’t just for women, in fact, most gyms offer exclusive high-active intense P90X-style workouts that men are breaking the doors to get into. A good gym will have a mixture of aerobics, spinning, yoga, dance, boxing, and much more, giving you more options to try something new and different.

#8) Find A Compatible Workout Buddy

A lot of men don’t like to work out with another person because they are too distracted, but if you can find a compatible buddy with similar goals and who will push you towards them (and vice versa), then you have a match made in workout heaven. Skip the personal trainer, and go straight to the workout buddy.

#9) Get A Monthly Subscription

When you make fitness act like a “hobby,” it will slowly become part of your lifestyle. Buying subscriptions to publications like Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Muscle and Fitness will get you more in touch with the world of fitness. Learning about interesting workout regiments, diet plans, and other secrets should spark an excitement which will only be met by being proactive.

#10) Don’t Rush Progress

All good things happen to those who practice. Don’t get flustered if you aren’t seeing the results you want after a couple weeks of trying a new routine. Muscles take time to become accustomed to new workouts. The more you keep at it, the more results you will see. Stop constantly looking in the mirror, and take it just one day at a time.