You Won’t Believe What Racing Legend Jeff Gordon Just Gave One Of His Biggest Fans

By Jack Day

When you are a Nascar Legend like Jeff Gordon, you probably have a couple extra cars just sitting around the garage. I mean your life is racing, so why not have as many trophies as possible right?

Jeff felt the same way, especially about the 2003 model of his special edition Monte Carlo. But recently when he found out that Loraine, one of his biggest fans, lost hers in a fire, he knew exactly what to do.

Watch the video to see the reaction from Loraine when Jeff tells her he is giving her his own personal special edition Monte Carlo, except his only has 124 miles on it!

It’s always awesome to see celebrities and sports figures give back to their fans. What do you think about Gordon’s gift? Please tell us your comments and share this story with your friends and family!