When This Couple Age 50 Years Before Each Others Eyes, Their Love Grows Far Beyond Numbers

By Jack Day

If you have ever looked at your wife or girlfriend and wondered what the next 15, 30, 50 years would hold, then you might enjoy this experiment. Meet Tavis and Kristie, a 20 something couple on the verge of their wedding day. Recently they underwent some transformations that aged them by 20 year intervals and had their reactions filmed. At first they are funny and entertaining for the couple, then reality begins to sink in and you can actually see the two falling deeper in love.

It’s really an interesting way to sort of test the love you have with your partner, and might even make you realize how much you truly care for each other. What did you think of the video? Would you be willing to get a glimpse of your significant other years down the road? Please share your thoughts and this video will your family and friends!