Website Traffic Tips – 3 Ways to Get Free Website Traffic at Lightning Speed!

Image by: katerha
By Fabian Tan

There are several ways to augment free website traffic to your site. Each method has its advantages but some are capable of getting you the results at lightning speed.

You should know that search engine algorithms are as intelligent as human beings. Therefore, any effort to garner free website traffic should follow white hat methods only.

1. Content management

Google loves fresh content and the more the merrier. But, to get free website traffic your content should not only be relevant, but should also be rich in keywords. Right, so if you write 100 words with 15 keywords inserted, does it serve the purpose? No, keyword need be sprinkled intelligently across your content because that is the only way the quality of your content gets recognition.

2. Is your writing style helpful for the search engines?

Writing for the search engines calls for a certain degree of expertise. Your content should be valuable, free from errors of all description (because humans too need to read them) and yet have appropriate keywords inserted without disturbing the flow of the sentence and structure. If you lack this expertise, you will gain immensely by engaging competent professionals to write your articles. The increases in free website traffic will more than justify the small fee charged for the job.

3. Have you studied the performance of your competitors?

This is perhaps the easiest way to put your own efforts in the right perspective. For example if a certain set of keywords are doing wonders to your competitor in getting free website traffic you can take a cue and work around those key words or its derivatives to achieve similar results.

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