Want To See Art That Puts Waldo to Shame? Check Out This Guy!

By Richard K. Noots

Guillaume Cornet has traveled all over the world. He also happens to have a passion for drawing cities. Of course, he puts a bit of a spin on his artwork. Each drawing takes over 150 hours to complete and contains so much detail you’ll want to use your zoom feature. I hope this guy continues to make more art and gains more fame. His art really stands out in a unique way, agreed?

Many hours, but it’s worth it.
150 hours but its worth it

What do you see?
150 hours

See?! Just like Waldo.

Rio De Hmm …
Rio de Hmm

I see people doing it!
Someone is Doing it

That duck is watching you …
That duck is watching

That’s a lot to color.
Thats a lot to color

Be sure to give him a shout out on his website!