Wait Until You See How This Girl Lives On The Road

By Richard K. Noots

You’ve got to check out this bus conversion. Yes, a regular old bus, like the one you used to take the school has been converted to RV status for this lady and her beau’s mission to enjoy life. The inside looks spectacular, and who knew you could do so much with so little room? This is probably the most interesting way to recycle I’ve ever seen. You’ll come for the lady, but you’ll stay for the bus.


  1. Adamly says:

    I love stuff like this! Gutting an old bus or RV and giving it a makeover is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s really the only way to bring your own personal flair to a living space like this.

  2. Wripped says:

    I’m with you about wanting to do something like this. I have a buddy in Alabama that gutted an old school bus and drove it into the side of a hill to use as a tornado shelter. Ever since I saw that, I’ve had a plan of my own.

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