Top 4 Styles That Attract Women Now

By Loki Robinson

Women are very attuned to everything about a potential mate. This mate has to be very aware of his style and mindset. Style alone won’t cut it because you’ll look like a fraud partaking in any fad or style that comes along that you’re actually not confident in. Once again, the c word rears its powerful head…confidence.

Confidence is king, and if you don’t have any you could dress like Austin Powers or James Bond and still get no action. Let’s outline the top 4 styles that attract women now, in 2014. We’ll use movie stars to lay a framework of style types.

Those of you who are looking to try and do anything to increase their game, I suggest practicing your inner game first. Then come here. This is intermediate level stuff.

Image by: Zing Wong

#1) The Bradley Cooper Look

It’s the raw American look. The hair says I don’t care what you think – yet it’s not crazy looking. The demeanor is light, and funny, yet confident. A style has much more to it than simply looks. It’s like going to a costume party on Halloween. The people who win those contests become their character.

They think like them, they act like them; if you didn’t know better you’d think it actually was them. So pay attention to your looks, but don’t neglect your mindset.

#2) The Zach Galifanakis Look

I promise this is the last Hangover character. Big, bearded guys everywhere saw the Hangover and have tried to emulate the quasi-sophisticated look of Galifanakis. Women have seen the hangover and love it too, so they do respond well to a lite Galifanakis look alike.

Take it a little too far with the Galifanakis style with the quirky weirdness and you may push the envelope too far. Since nobody can be him (he’s too unique), nobody can truly copy his style. Now that, gentlemen, is something to strive for.

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#3) The Vin Diesel Look

He’s got an F-U attitude. In his movies he does the most bad-ass stuff possible, and always does it in a cool, calm and collected way. Gym rats everywhere try and get Vin’s massive arms, which is great, but don’t over do it. Remember, just like Galifanakis, Vin is too much of a unique character to be copied 100%.

So do the bad-ass attitude and look, but throw your own flair in there, and who knows, you could become the next big movie star! One thing is for sure, Vin Diesel didn’t do it by copying anyone’s style.

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#4) The Ryan Gosling Look

He’s not as hipster as you can get, but I think that’s what works for his him. You never want to go fully into a style anyway, it sort of screams for attention. Gosling pulls off a conservative hipster approach mixed with a preppy topping of sorts.


Take this one as a great example of mixing styles. If you can mix the styles of the previous 4 men, you’d be legendary. You’d be a hunky, funny, bad-ass, semi-hipster creative dude. Try it out when you’re passing women on the street. Check their subtle reaction to you.

Talk to random women as the merged style of these 4 men, and let us know how it goes! I’d bet you’d learn a thing or two about yourself and women. Remember, be the costume!