This Video Is More Proof that Good People Still Exist In the World
By Jack Day

“It’s not just about making people’s food.  It’s about, ‘What kind of positive impact can I have on someone else’s day?’ ”  Words of wisdom spoken by Jim Shroeder, general manager of a Qdoba Mexican Grill in Louisville, KentuckyRidge Quarles, a 5 year employee at the restaurant took that sentiment to heart one day when he went the extra mile to help out a customer in need.

That customer is a regular at the Qdoba, so much so that all the employees know her order by memory and have it ready when they see her coming through the door.  Some days they even grab the door for her when no one is around because she is nearly paralyzed.  That’s not the best part though.

One day she came in as usual and after getting her food, she had one more request.  She needed help eating.  Instead of telling the wheelchair bound woman, “No,” when she asked Ridge if he could help her, he gloved up and did what any compassionate human being would do.  He fed her.

It turns out that another customer who happened to see the random act of kindness busted out his cell phone and recorded the whole thing.  When discussing the incident with a local TV station, Ridge said, “She needed help and if I wasn’t going to do it, no one would.” Well said sir.

Have you ever gone above and beyond the call of duty at your job?  Please tell us your stories and share this one with your friends and family!