This Professional Skier Gets a Second Chance At Living His Dream

By Jack Day

My passion and dream has always been to be a skier…and through the whole thing I’ve stayed true to what I love to do.” X Games Aspen Mono Skier X competitor Josh Dueck gives us some insight into what inspired him to get back out on the slopes after a tragic accident left him paralyzed in his legs. After years of retraining himself to mono ski, Josh made it as far as the Para Olympics in Vancouver to win a silver medal for Canada. But he says his love has always been for free skiing, not racing. You can watch his triumphant return to the slopes and gain some serious respect for a sport not for the faint of heart.

What did you think of Josh’s story? It is pretty inspiring to see someone get back to doing what they love even when the odds are extremely high. Do you have any stories about overcoming obstacles that stood in the way of your dreams? Please share them and any other comments!