This Man’s Integrity Is Definitely Worth More Than a Bag Of Money

By Anne Cacherell

If caught in the same situation, other people might claim that it’s God’s gift to them but for this extraordinary Samaritan, keeping the money never even occurred to him.

Utah man Dan Kennedy was driving on his way to work on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 when a giant bag fell from an armored truck in front of him. Fearing that it would become a traffic hazard, he stopped and retrieved the bag. After checking what’s inside it, he immediately discovered that it contains thousands of dollars in $50s and $100s.

After reporting the incident and returning the money back to Utah Highway Patrol, Kennedy earned praises and admiration from the troopers for his exceptional action to the incredibly rare situation.

According to Kennedy, Brinks, the armored truck that had lost the bag, contacted and informed him that a $5000 check is on its way after he could sign some tax paperwork.

If you stumble upon a bag loaded with cash, would you not even think about keeping the money? Tell us your honest opinion.