This Man Was Done With Life, Until A Change of Heart & Unlikely Savior Gave Him a Reason to Live

By Jack Day

Suicide is an unfortunate outcome to a life that was suffering beyond any fix the outside world could muster. It’s really quite profound, because it is a decision that usually requires a line of thinking that goes against our natural instincts of self preservation. Why people choose to not exist anymore is confusing to most, but for 19-year-old Kevin Hines, the decision to end his life made sense to him. That is until he started his free fall from the Golden Gate bridge.

Being one of the incredibly rare survivors of such a jump, Kevin felt the urge to live from that moment of rapture on, and he spreads his message of positivity by sharing his story with others. The most amazing part came when he learned what it was that helped carry his shattered body back to the surface.

“Everyone who looked down saw this creature circling in a clockwise motion beneath me… It just kept circling beneath me. I remember floating atop the water and this thing just bumping me, bumping me up… So they saw me laying atop the water and being bumped,” he said. “This thing beneath me didn’t stop or didn’t go away until I heard the boat behind me.”

The creature was a sea lion.  To be specific,Kevin’s very own Guardian Spirit Animal.  He tells the rest of the story in the video, and I’m sure you will find it very inspiring.

Please share any thoughts with us and tell us your stories of how you pulled yourself through the rough patches of life.