This Mailman Asked For Book Donations On Facebook For a Little Boy, The Response Was Awesome

By Anne Cacherell

Reading stimulates children’s imagination and increases their understanding of the world. It helps them improve their vocabulary and increases their general knowledge. It is also one of the best ways to explore cultures, places, the past and the future without having to travel.

Matthew Flores, a 12-year-old boy from Sandy, Utah is getting international attention because of his passion for reading. It all started when a postal worker Ron Lynch spotted Matthew searching for newsletters and advertisements out of the junk mail bin. He started a conversation with the boy and found out that he doesn’t have books of his own and that bus fares makes it hard for him to go to a library.

Moved by Matthew’s passion for reading and learning, Ron decided to post a plea for his friends on Facebook to donate some old or used books. Ron’s post gathered an overwhelming response and collected thousands of likes and shares. Moreover, influxes of books were sent from UK, Australia, and even from as far as India to help the cause.

Learn more about the details of this story by watching the video.

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