This Kid Never Let Life Get Him Down and Neither Should You

By Charlie DeWitts

Sometimes, life really gives us crappy lemons. Riley Quinn was born without one of his hands, something that would pretty much be a career-ender for any athlete around. Riley however, uses his disability in a way that’ll make you question what that word even means. Riley actually plays many sports, but Football and Baseball are among his favorites. He’s actually quite talented too. I think there could be a chance that we see him in the future of Drafts. Remember, we all get dealt a bad hand every now and then, you just gotta see it through till the end!


  1. jestert123 says:

    I worship a kid like this. He defines the word “courage” because not only is he tough you know for sure along the way he has dealt with a legion of big mouth kids who did not support him.

  2. TimJF09 says:

    I wish they would show a segment of him catching footballs. I said to myself, ok he plays football, but that he is a wide receiver where you need to have great hands is a bit mind blowing. Great story!

  3. Lizy23 says:

    What is great about this young man is how he just thinks it is no big deal. He talks about it all in such a natural way, but behind his casual attitude is an extremely hard working warrior.

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