This Is What Happens When Identical Triplets Tried to Confuse Their Wedding Guests & Grooms

By Anne Cacherell

It’s not every day you see a triple wedding with a set of identical triplets.

For 29 years, the Bini sisters have been sharing their birthdays and soon, they will be sharing their wedding anniversaries too. Triplets Rafaela, Rocheli and Tagiane took their vows with the loves of their lives at the Nossa Senhora Aparecida Catholic Cathedral in Passo Fundo, Brazil on March 21.

The trio wore matching hairstyles, make-up and wedding gowns. The only thing that could distinguish them from one another was their bouquets, which were arranged in different colors.

The sister actually came to their wedding with the intention to confuse their grooms, Rafael, Gabriel and Eduardo. But as the girls walked down the aisle, the boys didn’t have a problem identifying their true loves.

Did the triplets confuse you? If you have a twin brother or sister, would you like to get married at the same day too? Share with us your thoughts.