This is How You Take an Extreme Negative & Make it an Extreme Positive

By Jack Day

Let’s face it, when you hear the phrase, “Failing is the best thing you can do,” it sounds a little off. But to 17 year old Jack Andraka, the wisdom he now possesses came from those failures. His story about the death of a family member from pancreatic cancer is sad, but it is inspiring to hear how it launched his passion to help other people suffering from the disease.  Jake is now part of a cancer research team at Georgetown University and has declared that his goal is to, “Save as many lives as possible.”  What a noble undertaking and mature attitude Jake has approached life with! Way to go!

Did you find Jake’s story moving? How about you? Did you receive inspiration at an early age to pursue a particular field or business? Please share your story with us and any advice you might have!