This Inmate’s Gesture For the Man Who Put Him In Prison Will Leave You Speechless

By Jack Day

Sometimes in life you get a chance to do something completely out of character, something out of the kindness of your heart. For inmate Charles Alston, that chance came when he read in the newspaper that the former DA who prosecuted him had been diagnosed with cancer. Carl Fox, now a North Carolina Superior Court Judge, was just as shocked as everyone else to read the letter Alston wrote him offering his bone marrow for donation.

He also let the Judge know that serving the time he was given actually saved his life.  Watch the video to see what the two men had to say about the whole incident.

These are the kind of stories that make you feel good about humanity.  I feel like it takes a lot for a man to come to terms with his mistakes and accept the punishment he receives.  Charles Alston has done that and more.  His transformation is inspiring.  What do you think?  Please tell us your thoughts and share this with your friends and family.