This Holocaust Survivor Has An Important Message For Younger Generations

By Jack Day

David Wolnerman is a Holocaust survivor for what he believes was a random lie he told about his age. In the video he describes the scene at the entrance to the concentration camp he was assigned to where he was asked how old he was. For reasons he can’t explain, Wolnerman told the guard he was 18, and not 13 like he actually was. The result was the difference between life and death. He was pulled from one line headed for the gas chamber and put in another where he was sent to work.

He witnessed the worst of the worst this world has to offer during his time in captivity. He lost his entire family, all of his friends, and was stripped of everything else he ever knew at the young age of 13. Somehow, however, Wolnerman is able to forgive. His message to younger people is a simple one, “Forgive, but never forget.”

Wolnerman himself even notes how he thinks others might not be able to do the forgiving part, but it is important to him. His story is haunting and to think it all depended on a random unplanned lie is pretty astonishing. What do you have to say about the advice Wolnerman has for the viewers? Please comment and share your own experiences!