This Farmer’s Passion Scores Him the Deal of His Life
By Jack Day

Johnny Georges invented the Tree Tee Pee. It is truly a no brainer design to simply, safely, and smartly conserve water that would have you utter the phrase, “Why didn’t I think of that?” He lived a farmers life, but the desire to help people and do right by his fellow man is what makes him a hero. He took his invention on the popular TV show Shark Tank and pitched the investors on his Tee Pee. The moments leading up to his striking a deal with one of the sharks were tense.

As fate would have it the shark that gave Johnny the investment was a guest that night and non other than John Paul Jones DeJoria, who understood how important farmers are to America, as well as Johnny’s mission. What a great story about a man who dedicated his life to helping others and caring for the environment.

What did you think of Johnny’s story? I watch Shark Tank a lot and his was really one of the best ones to come out of the show. Do you have an invention out there making lives better, or is it still in prototype phase? Tell us your experiences and share your stories please!